A Marble Space Odyssey

A Marble Space Odyssey

A Marble Space Odyssey is an AOUMM studio research project that combines the languages of art, graphics and texture design. Conceived as a way of synthesizing the stratification of issues and queries on a variety of contemporary life themes, characterized by increasingly articulated readings, it sets out to explore the growing debate on fake-news, deepfakes and news manipulability; the recent possibility of reproducing the appearance of materials found in nature, such as marble and wood, invading the market with replicants almost indistinguishable from the originals; and private companies’ renewed interest in exploring the cosmos alongside space agencies, even (and especially) with a view to exploiting its resources.

The full article is available in Triennale Milano Magazine.
A research project by AOUMM
Pictures: Marble Space Odyssey – ©AOUMM

Photo: Simone Ottaviani

Material samples made in collaboration with Abet Laminati