AOUMM is a design firm operating nationally and internationally within the domains of architectural, landscape, urban, interior, and exhibition design, developing projects where different expertise triggers unexpected synergies.

AOUMM is based in Milan and led by Luca Astorri, Riccardo Maria Balzarotti, Rossella Locatelli and Matteo Umberto Poli.

Led by four partners with multifaceted expertise, AOUMM’s work spans from architecture to urban, interior, exhibition, and landscape design, developing projects where different expertise trigger unexpected synergies.

The architecture of AOUMM is not off-the-peg. All concepts emerge from an intensive and open dialogue with clients and constant and informed research about cultural, historical, and environmental surroundings of the places the office is called to engage with. Through discussions, AOUMM develops idiosyncratic solutions which respond sensitively to all architectural and spatial questions raised and promote culture, identity, and participation.

AOUMM’s expertise is based upon a solid foundation of budget, process, and program control, and an intensive dialogue with the city, the client, consultants, contractors, and end-users, whose post-occupancy experience drives the design process from the earliest stages. This produces buildings of a unique character that mirror the creativity, openness, and diversity which distinguish AOUMM’s practice.