Concept Design
AOUMM – Argot ou La Maison Mobile

Luca Astorri
Riccardo Maria Balzarotti
Rossella Locatelli
Matteo Umberto Poli
with Micaela Ortega
Carlos Maria Guerrero
Gregorio Beltrami
Letizia Morgante
Celeste Calzolari
Lu Tang
Roberto Moschini
Lorenzo Secondin

AOUMM’s concept design for Save the Duck flagship stores revolves around the acknowledgement that customers have changed and want to be informed as part of the shopping experience. To support the innovative business direction of Bargi’s family, doing jackets since 1914 and deciding today to produce piumini (puffer jackets) without plumes, AOUMM has conceived a flagship store modular in size and scalable in budget, with a straightforward concept: three layers, information – product – making of, are interwoven in a wall exhibitor that aims to a caring shopper from a responsible industry.

The PLUMTECH® puffers are displayed in a speaking wall exhibitor, loudly telling us that we live in the planet where we produce and that our heritage is made of our past, but it’s our future too. Through video or printed technology, information is used to immediately communicate that to be sustainable we need to be aware of the process of production. Three simple architectural elements, the ceiling, the wall and the floor, are used as displays showing the world where we live in on top, the way products are made on the bottom, and the collection as a product of the first two on the shop walls. This tripartition between information – product – making of on three layers characterizes wall exhibitors, freestanding exhibitors and corner shop concept design.

The new shop window is a 3D manifesto of the values the brand Save the Duck has been promoting. Built to last several campaigns, the shop window is designed with a slight resemblance to model kits, where puffers are hung in between items relating to the sea, to animals or to the air, the new mission of the year supported by the Company.

Save the Duck adopts a light and ironic communication strategy. The new shops, the windows, the bags and mannequins designed by AOUMM are decidedly following this path, with an overall idea that irony (and self-irony) plays an important role in an advanced society.