Bollate - MI_2018 - Terraforma Festival



Location: Villa Arconati, Bollate (MI)

Furniture Design
AOUMM – Argot ou La Maison Mobile

Matteo Petrucci
Sofia Coutsoucos

Design Team

Derin Canturk
Burcu Dogruyol
Natalia S. Moroni Grandini
Ginevra Parietti
Maura Schmit
Muge Yuruten
Moira Zaccuri
Marija Zivic

AOUMM co-developed a collection of outdoor furniture for Terraforma Festival 2018, inspired to Japanese origami. The collection has been conceived starting from the analysis of the different patterns according to which crowds tend to gather and dissolve, and from the observation of rules and behaviors are followed in public open spaces. These observations suggest the establishment of central points as main areas for people to gather, socialize and network, spreading then toward more fractioned, separated units usable by people divided in smaller groups. Furniture supports as well different users joining the festival: active users, standing and dancing, and passive users, those sitting and laying. Furniture establishes central points, supporting encounter and interaction, as well as more isolated units, for sitting and relaxing: the public space is designed to create a landscape of people performing different activities.