Ispra - VA_2019


Location: Ispra (VA)

Architecture and landscape design
AOUMM – Argot ou La Maison Mobile

Design Team

Luca Astorri
Riccardo Maria Balzarotti
Rossella Locatelli
Matteo Umberto Poli

with Simone Ottaviani, Stefano Girelli, Laura Pozzari, Davide Guida, Giulia Bortolozzo, Andrei Rizea

Landscape concept design

arch. Dong Sub Bertin

Mechanical and lighting engineering

Polistudio srl

Acoustic engineering

ing. Mattia Viganò
Meeting rooms
Sound-absorbing panels
LvB Acoustics, Caimi
Sound-absorbing carpets
Estel Group, BuzziSpace, Vitra, Ahrend, Caimi


Filippo Poli

AOUMM’s design for communal indoor and outdoor spaces of EU Joint Research Center headquarters in Ispra involves four areas inside the building 101: the entrance hall, the adjoining meeting rooms and coffee area, a bike parking area and the external courtyard. The project aimed to overcome the lack of relational spaces in the building, both for work and recreation, intervening in specific areas after precise requirements expressed by the users, in terms of functional and perceptional issues.

The overall layout of the entrance hall is defined by two glass meeting boxes and open living areas, designed through the study of furniture, carpets, standing lights and hanging sound absorbing panels. The project has foreseen also the installations of a synchronized air flow on automatic entrance doors, the painting of the southern wall, the integration of the existing plants around the hall and an infographic proposal for signs and directions system.

An existing glass wall and interior partitions were partially demolished to define the spaces of two meeting rooms and a coffee area. Acoustical plating and soundproof walls were applied to all vertical partitions, with consequent removal and reconstruction of the floating floor and the false ceiling. The new spaces are equipped with air conditioning, smoke detectors, emergency lightings and sound absorbing panels. The former external coffee area has been turned into a new bike parking with 30 spots, with three towers installed to charge up to four electrical bikes each.

The proposal for the external patio – nearing completion – envisages wide planters and seating integrated in deck areas with arbors and wooden platforms, to allocate the irrigation system. All the elements are free standing, to avoid floor demolition.